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Trigger sprayers can be used in a variety of work environments and types of jobs. Different jobs require different sprayers and any old sprayer just won’t do. You need a sprayer that will get the job done quickly and easily. Trilux’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff listens to the needs of our customers and will help you find the best trigger sprayer for the job.

We sell a wide range of trigger sprayers of different types and colors. Trigger sprayer models we sell include: high output, shipper, chemical resistant, reversible, foamer, general use, and many more. Each sprayer features its own distinctive characteristics designed to suit the requirements of the job.

Almost all of our trigger sprayers are built with a comfort design. The comfort design lets you use three fingers to pull the trigger and gives you a rear support which makes extended use more comfortable. They also feature a greater output per stroke than the competition and a larger spray pattern. By reducing the number of times you need to pull the trigger, you significantly reduce hand fatigue during use and, with the larger spray pattern, you get the job done quicker.

More unique characteristics of our trigger sprayers:
  • Engineered to not leak if bottle tips over.
  • Outer body protects piston assembly to prevent damage during use and storage.
  • Rubber piston cup provides excellent chemical resistance.
  • Nozzle can be adjusted for different spray patterns. 

You can be sure that when you’re looking for trigger sprayers, Trilux has everything you need. Contact us today.

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Model 220
Model 220
Model 250 Trigger Sprayer
Model 250
Model 250 HN Trigger Sprayer
Model 250 HN
Model 300 Upside Down Trigger Sprayer
Model 300 Upside Down Trigger Sprayer
Model 300ES
Model 300ES
Model 320 Trigger Sprayer
Model 320
Model 320ARS Acid Resistant Sprayer
Model 320ARS Acid Resistant Sprayer
Model 320CR Trigger Sprayer
Model 320CR
Model 322 Foaming Trigger Sprayer
Model 322 Foamer
Model 640
Model 640 "Big Blaster" Foamer Trigger Sprayer
Model 640 Trigger Sprayer
Model 640 "Big Blaster" Trigger Sprayer
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