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Carrier Choice: Trilux will utilize an approved carrier if not specified by the distributor/service center. An approved carrier is monitored for on time, damage, and discount.

Freight Terms: Our standard freight terms are FOB (Freight On Board) St. Laurent. The importance of FOB is who owns the freight. The distributor owns the freight once it leaves Trilux St. Laurent, Quebec. Since the transfer of ownership occurs at point of shipment, it is important to inspect and note any damage when received. This notation on the bill of lading is the primary instrument used to receive compensation for damages.

Collect Freight Charges: This means the carrier will collect freight costs from you directly. It is strongly recommended to set up an account with carriers to avoid collection of funds at time of delivery. Carriers will then bill you for such shipments. We can also utilize 3rd party billing which instructs to ship to your customers but bill the freight charges to your location directly.

Prepaid Freight Charges: For you convenience Trilux can prepay shipments to you or occasionally drop shipments to your customers and charge back on your invoice. Please note that the terms of these shipments remain FOB Trilux St. Laurent, Quebec.

Claim Procedures: 1) Fully inspect cartons for creases, water damage, or puncture. Any signs of rough handling should generate a full inspection. Note carton conditions and/or visible damage on the bill of lading. Retain the original packaging materials if there is any evidence of shipping damage. Ensure all cartons are accounted for. If there are any missing cartons mark it on the bill of lading and proceed to make a claim immediately. 2) Take photos of any product damage. 3) Call the local terminal that delivered your product and request an inspection and a claim form. Such inspections should occur within 48 hours. Proceed to file a claim for full compensation. 4) Your claim form, copy of original bill, carrier inspection report, supporting pictures, and copy of invoice supporting claim costs should be mailed to the carrier’s claim department. Compensation should occur within 30 days. Since you are receiving compensation directly from the carrier, Trilux invoices should be paid in full.

Trilux must be notified within 5 days of reception of goods if there was a packaging error and you received more or less then what was ordered.

Concealed Damage: Since originally signed for clear, it is critical that cartons are saved and the product is not moved. Take pictures of damage and call the carrier immediately. Again, you are requesting an inspection and claim form for concealed damage. Time is critical to the success of a concealed damage claim, as the carrier will assume your company damaged the product. Such arguments are strong if the product was moved in your building, and even stronger if significant time has passed since delivery to you company.

Compensation: Many shy away from a claim because they think it’s a loss. Besides value of product damage (actual cost), you may request for labour and freight costs. You will not profit, but you should not lose money when requesting compensation for damaged goods.

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