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In 2017 Trilux opened its specialty installation, repair and maintenance service.  During Trilux's dealing with retail stores and grocery store over the past 2 decades it became clear that these types of customers were in need of a reputable installer for a multitude of tasks.   A new division of Trilux was opened to fill this void in the service sector for retailers.  By hiring a reputable service provider like Trilux you can insure that the job gets done correctly the first time.  Solving your problems quickly and efficiently is our goal.  Doing it with the utmost attention to detail is our promise.  Let us serve you today.  

Some types of jobs that we are well equipped to complete are:
Floor equipment repair
Installation of electric perimeter fences for cart containment
Installation of merchandise retention systems
Shopping cart maintenance
Warehouse racking installation
Bathroom partition installation
Sign hanging
Fixture installation
Building or disassembling furniture
Asphalt crack sealing (small scale) 
Handy man services

Accreditations and Licenses

Bureau de la Sécurité Privée           Health & Safety in Construction                   3a & 3b MEWPS license 

     Fall Protection Group

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