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Wrangler 2016 AE/AB/DB

Wrangler 2016 AE/AB/DB

Wrangler 2016 AE/AB/DB

A tight turning radius and scrub head lock-down feature allow the mid-sized Wrangler 2016 to tackle heavy scrub and standard scrub jobs with ease. Its 20-inch scrubbing path makes quick work of any task. A rugged, rotocast-polyethylene body and 7-guage steel frame deliver long term durability.

• 20-inch/51-cm scrub path; straight or curved squeegee
• 16-gal/61-l solution and 17-gal/64-l recovery tank
• .75 HP brush motor and a .75 HP vacuum motor (DB/AB)
• Offset scrub head for superior edge cleaning
• Battery-powered wheel drive (DB) or pad drive (AB) and cord-electric pad drive (AE) models available

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