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Wrangler 3330 DB

Wrangler 3330 DB

Wrangler 3330 DB

With the high performance Wrangler 3330 DB, cleaning large areas has never been easier. This rugged maneuverable automatic scrubber is unsurpassed for cleaning power, productivity, and dependability.

• 33-inch/84-cm scrub path
• Straight urethane or curved gum-rubber squeegee
• 30-gal/114-l solution tank and 33-gal/125-l recovery tank
• Two 0.75 HP brush motors and a 0.75 HP vacuum motor
• Six 6V batteries--choose 225 AH or 325 AH
• Low-profile side skirt, bumpers, and power deck optional
• Available Sidekick Chemical Metering System

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