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Great White Finishing Mop
Great White Finishing Mop

It glides rather than drags! There is over 25% less drag. You think the mop is floating. After laying finish with this mop, you will never go back to using a regular finish mop. Immediately, you notice that the coats of finish are more even. The yarn’s ability to hold the finish with surface tension allows Great White® to release the finish more evenly and more completely as it is pulled across the floor. Because the finish is laid more evenly and the fact that the yarn does not absorb the finish, (but simply holds it until it can be applied to the floor), you can save up to 15% of your finish costs.

Due to the structure of the high tech filament yarn used in making this mop, it is not capable of linting. With this absence of lint in your finish, you will notice it is smoother, and will stand up to traffic longer, since there are fewer contaminates and less surface blemishes.



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