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eForce Burnisher

eForce Burnisher

eForce Burnisher

The eForce® Burnisher features the best burnishing technology in the industry combined with the superior productivity of a riding platform.

  • Patent-pending joystick control makes the eForce Burnisher simple to control and less fatiguing to drive.
  • Excellent visibility of the work area.
  • The zero turn radius design allows the burnisher to be used up against the wall and in tight areas.
  • The front mounted burnishing pad allows the eForce Burnisher to get into corners where other rider burnishers cannot.
  • Training is easy. A training manual is built into the touch screen control panel. In addition, all the important touch-points are identified with decals or our signature green color.
  • Hinged 90° flip-up burnishing head allows for compact storage and standing pad changes.
  • There are three pad pressure and drive speed settings to fine tune your burnishing process. For even more control, there is a "supervisor mode" which allows you to select which drive speeds and pad pressures your operators can use.
  • Six 6-volt 430 AH batteries provide up to 3 hours of constant run time.



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