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NSS is always coming up with new ways to make their products the best in the industry. Recently NSS has launched the new and improved line of Predator carpet extractors and the new and improved line of small automatic scrubbers ranging from 15" to 20".

The predator 200 CXC and CXH replace the outgoing Predator 150 CXC and CXH. With larger water tank capacities, and a higher pressure pump, the new Predator 200 is a top of the line carpet extractor. The Predator CXH 500 replaces the CXH 300. It has a variable pump which can be set anywhere from 200-500 PSI, a feature that the outgoing model did not have. With its sleek new look and easy maneuverability this new Predator is a force to be reckoned with.

NSS new line of small automatic scrubbers takes floor cleaning to the next level. Ergonomic design, simple operation and a compact body make these new Wranglers the best value in micro scrubbers. Designed for applications up to 30,000 square feet, these Wranglers are perfectly sized for restrooms, convenience stores, nursing home rooms and much much more.

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